Rabban Gamliel said that in telling the story of the exodus, we must explain the meaning of the three most important symbols.

What is the meaning of Pesach -- the roasted lamb bone?

What is the meaning of matzah?

What is the meaning of maror?

The Traditional Seder Plate

Why is there an orange on the seder plate?

To remind us that the seder is always growing and that new symbols can be included in our celebration with evolving messages of their own.

To remind us that all people have a legitimate place in Jewish life, no less than an orange on the seder plate, regardless of gender or sexual identity.

Miriam's Cup

We celebrate her role in our people's deliverance from slavery and as the provider of water throughout our wandering in the wilderness. As we remember Miriam, we also remember the vital role that water plays in boundary making and the need for an equitable allocation of water as part of peace making.

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu
Source: Liberated, RAC