There are a few main passover symbols that can be placed on the seder plate, but not all of them are required. A few examples of the passover symbols are vegetables (Karpas), shank bone (zeroa) or roasted beet, matzah, hard boiled egg (baytzah), charoset, bitter herbs (Maror), bitter vegetables (Hazeret), or oranges (optional). The reasons behind placing the matzah and the bitter herbs stand out the most among others.

each symbol,

each item in itself

holds a purpose,

a meaning

the matzah

it is the bread of liberation and freedom

involving the combination,

of three basic elements




they define civilized man

no external element

beyond flour and water

is permitted to define or influence its form

the matzah represents man in control

of his passions

man in control

of exhibiting his independent

    disciplined will,

uninfluenced by external forces

the bitter herbs

remind us

of the bitterness of slavery

the hard labor,

long working hours

herbs may not taste bitter at the first bite,

but they quickly become bitter when chewed,

like a sudden rush

of a tart,


acid flavor

especially in the stem

haggadah Section: Maggid - Beginning