Though COVID-19 is quickly becoming a plague upon the world, we at believe Passover does NOT need to be canceled! We can still let our people seder :)

With the help of video conferencing technology like Zoom and our online 2020 Haggadah Favorites, is committed to helping you host a seder that is still community-oriented but also safety-first.

Passover has always been a holiday where space and time are like one of our favorite Jewish scientist heroes Albert Einstein said: relative. 

Throughout history Jews have been called to imagine what it was like to be in the same time and space as their ancestral, enslaved Jews in Egypt. 

And after the Jews reached their homeland, but were dispersed in the diaspora, Jews have since imagined that next year they will be back in the space of Jerusalem. 

This year, with extensive travel restrictions in place and with immuno-compromised family members’ health to take into consideration, your family may decide to gather online across the time zones to celebrate Passover.’s flexible resources allow families to create a meaningful holiday together by printing and using their customized haggadot from anywhere in the world. 

When we end our seder saying, “Next Year in Jerusalem,” we might also want to add a wish of “Next year may we be physically together in the same space.” 

Thinking of time and space, what else about the Passover story can be a metaphor for these concepts? What ideas about being present in your mind are there to consider? What freedom from too many grievances from the past can we attain? And what feelings about living too much in fear about the future can we clear?

While we hope to add content related to the current events, this Haggadah mostly includes our favorite content that transcends these particular times. Hope you enjoy!

Stay safe & joyous,  

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