I Just Can’t Go to the King

to the tune of 

“I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”


I’m gonna see a mighty king. 

I’m feeling mighty scared.


Well, Moses, I’ll be there with you 

So you’ll be well prepared.


I’ve never been too good with words. 

I stutter and I squeak. 

My hands are wet, my throat is dry 

Each time I try to speak.


Well, Moses, don’t be scared about a thing.


Oh, I just can’t go to the king! 

I’ll be saying, “Do this.” 

I’ll be saying, “See them.” 

I’ll be saying, “Stop that.” 

I’ll be saying, “Free them. 

Free them all to leave today. 

Free them all to live God’s way.”


The Pharaoh needs to know he needs to 

Have a change of heart. 

Or God will make his cows get sick 

And make the Red Sea part.


The two of us will go tell Pharaoh, 

“Let my people go.” 

We know exactly what we’ll do if 

Pharaoh tells us no.

We’ll warn him of the plagues that God 

will bring. 

Oh, we’re both gonna go to the king!

We’ll be saying, “Do this.” 

We’ll be saying, “See them.” 

We’ll be saying, “Stop that.” 

We’ll be saying, “Free them.”

“Have respect for every living thing. 

Pharaoh, don’t be such a dingaling.” 

Now this will be our final time to sing: 

Oh, we’re both gonna go to the king!

haggadah Section: Cover
Source: me