Hey There Elijah (tune of Plain White T's "Hey There Delilah") 
by Barry Kling (Scansion adjustments by Randi & Murray Spiegel), Passover 2008/2009
                                Sing it yourself:   Low fi karaoke accompanyment 

Hey there Elijah
What's it like at all those Seders
You will drink a lot of wine tonight
But tonight you're permitted yes you are
We can't continue without you,
Oh yes it's true

Hey there Elijah
We believe you'll be here someday
And will bring the world together
Give us hope for what the future will provide
Hear our prayers and our cries,
You're by our side

Chorus: Oh it's what you mean to us (4 times)
What you mean to us.

Hey there Elijah
Share your vision of the world to be
Where G-d is one for everyone
And Seders 'round the world are being done
Next year may we all celebrate,
In Jerusalem

Hey there Elijah
With our friends and fam'ly gathered here
Just as they do year after year
Now we have only one task left to do,
You know it's all because of you,
We open our door to welcome you,
Hey there Elijah, here's to you,
This cup's for you

Repeat Chorus

haggadah Section: Songs
Source: me