Here is an alternative Seder plate of symbols:

A chili pepper in place of maror. A symbol of generations of hot and spicy Jewish mothers and grandmothers who have taught us to approach life the way we eat a hot pepper: with humility.

A pine cone in place of charoset. A symbol of the modern bondage of incarceration, as pine cones hide their nuts until we find a way to release them.

An artichoke in place of karpas. A symbol of interfaith marriage, reminding us to peel away our protective and tough outer layers to find the soft heart within.

A piece of dark bitter chocolate in place of chazeret. A symbol of the respect of free trade, and of adding sweetness to reform the bitter into something comforting.

An olive branch in place of the z'roa. A symbol of actively seeking peace rather than waiting for it to pass over us.

A pineapple in place of the beitzah. A symbol of leaving mitzrayim, working through the hard shell - mental or physical - to find the good within.

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu
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