What are the Ten Healings that can begin to make our world a Beloved Community?
• Create organic farms in countrysides and cities.
• Purchase home and company electric power from wind-based suppliers.
• Families buy hybrid or electric cars; convince cities, government agencies, and
businesses to switch their auto fleets.
• Use public transportation.
• Families and congregations, at Bat/Bar Mitzvah time and teen-age confirmations,
study together how to address the climate crisis so as to “turn the hearts of children
and parents to each other, lest the Earth be utterly destroyed.” (From last passage of
Malachi, last of the classical Hebrew Prophets)
• Move Our Money, Protect Our Planet (MOM/POP) : Colleges, congregations,
pension funds, and others shift their investments from fossil-fuel companies to
renewable, sustainable energy.
• Vigil, picket, do civil disobedience at sites of mountaintop destruction by coal
• End fracking: Insist on moratoriums or prohibitions.
• Lobby Congress for laws to put prices on carbon-fuel production and pay dividends
from the incoming fees to American families.
• Organize neighborhood solar-energy coops where many households band together
to stop burning coal for their electricity and generate it from the sun instead.
• Research and choose among proposals not only to end CO2 and methane emissions
that are scorching our planet, but restoring for our children and grandchildren the
healthy climate that our parents and grandparents lived in, amidst more justice than
most of our forebears knew.

haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues
Source: MLK 50 Freedom Seder