Our Personal Egypt - Formerly Orthodox

What is Egypt? Everyone has their own Egypt, their own narrow place. An Egypt in which we are enslaved to the thirst for freedom. And at times, we are so lost, till we can no longer visualize that thirst for freedom. 

Tonight, we are commemorating the Exodus from our own personal Egypt:

We have shedded our personal idols we were taught to worship;

We no longer sell our bodies, souls, and lives, to a God that humans created for themselves, and our past imposed on us. 

Our essence now, our goal, is the fulfillment of a godliness, a divine inspiration that we constitute for ourselves and others, through the good and the light that we spread around us.

We have shedeed our enslavement to the opinions of others on us;

We no longer sell our bodies, souls, and lives, to what other people, friends and family from the past or the present, might say about us.

We are at peace with our decisions, and at peace with our path.

The path that we chose for ourselves from amongst the many paths we have explored and tried for ourselves!  

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: בוחרים מחדש הגדה