The Order of the Seder:

The word Seder means order. Tonight's ritual is performed in a specific order, as it has been for thousands of years. The steps represent the Shir Ha'ma’alos in Psalms - the fifteen songs of ascent. Our Seder follows a fifteen-step ascent.

The SEDER of the SEDER

Kadesh - We say the Kiddush - the first cup of wine

Ur'chatz - We wash our hands

Karpas - We dip a vegetable in salt water, and say a blessing

Yachatz - We break the middle matzah, and hide the larger half, the Afikomen

Maggid - We tell the story of Passover, including the four questions, and the second cup of wine

Rachtzah - We wash our hands with a blessing

Motzi - We say the blessing for bread

Matzah - We say the blessing for matzah

Maror - We dip bitter herbs in charoset, and say a blessing

Korech - We eat a sandwich of matzah and bitter herbs

Shulchan Orech - We eat the festive meal

Tzafoon - We eat the Afikomen

Barech - We say the blessings after the meal, say the blessing over the third cup of wine. We welcome Elijah, the prophet

Hallel - We sing songs of praise

Nirtzah - We complete our Seder, praying that god accepts our service

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Lily Kaplan