The Order of the Rituals

The word Seder means order, indicating that all the commandments and rituals of this evening are to be performed in a specific order.

קדש ( Kiddish ) - Recite the Kiddish

ורחץ ( Urchatz ) - Wash the hands

כרפס ( Karpas ) - Eat a green vegetable

יחץ ( Yachatz ) - Break the middle matzah and hide a half of it for the  Afikomen.  

מגיד ( Mageed) -  Recite the Passover story

רחצה ( Rakhatz ) - Wash the hands before the meal

מוציא מצה  ( Hamotzi ) - Say the blessing over the bread and the special blessing for the matzah

מרור ( Maror)  - Eat the bitter herb

כורך ( Korech) - Eat the bitter herb and matzah together. 

שלחן עורך ( Shulchan Orech) -  Serve the Festival Meal

צפון ( Tzafoon) - Eat the Afikoman

ברך (Barech) Say the grace after the meal

הלל ( Hallel) -  Recite the psalms of praise

נרצה ( Nirtzah ) - Conclude the Seder

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