Opening the Door to Housing Justice

Ten Plagues of Housing Injustice

We invite you to dip your finger in wine, or your preferred beverage, while reciting these modern plagues. We place a drop on our plates for each one to acknowledge that the joy of liberation cannot be completed while many continue to be oppressed.

Unclean Water- Lack of access to clean water among individuals experiencing houselessness increases their exposure to disease.

Unsafe Living Conditions- Limited affordable housing and the struggle for fair housing rights lead to widespread housing insecurity.

Spread of COVID-19- Those living in under-resourced shelters face difficulty social distancing in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Domestic Violence- Victims of domestic violence have to leave unsafe situations swiftly, resulting in housing insecurity. More than 90% of unhoused mothers report sexual assault over their lifetimes.

Food Insecurity- Individuals often become food insecure ahead of becoming unhoused, as many must make decisions between paying housing-related costs or groceries.

Health & Sanitation Costs- Cost barriers make vital wellness necessities, from medication to menstrual products, inaccessible to unhoused people.

Natural Disasters- Climate change continues to threaten the safety of many regions and disproportionately impacts communities of color and working class communities.

Economic Disparities- Those struggling financially often lack access to stable housing, which decreases opportunities for stable employment.

Homophobia- LGBTQ+ unhoused youth represent 40% of the unhoused youth population, and as many as 60% are likely to attempt suicide.

Shortened Life Expectancy- Due to often traumatizing experiences, life expectancy for people experiencing houselessness is almost 20 years lower than that of housed populations.

דָ ּם • צְפַרְדֵע • כִּנִּים • עָרֹוב • דֶבֶר • שְׁחִין בָּרָד • ארְבֶּה • ח ֹשֶׁך • מַכַּת בְּכֹורֹות

dam • tzfardeiya • kinim • arov • dever • sh’chin barad • arbeh • choshech • makat b’chorot

Blood • Frogs • Lice • Beasts • Cattle Disease • Boils Hail • Locusts • Darkness • Death of the Firstborn


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haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues