OneTable x Passover Guide

Seder means "order," and traditionally we begin our Seder by singing exactly what we plan to do: bless, wash, dip the veggies, break the matzah, etc. At times the rigidness of order can feel confining or even boring, but in times like these when our world is so out of sorts there is comfort in knowing we are doing something that our ancestors have done for centuries.

This year, Passover starts on Shabbat. Jewish tradition offers two reasons for celebrating Shabbat. It’s an invitation to rest after the work of creation all week long and a reminder of our liberation from slavery in Egypt. At our Seder this year, we have the double opportunity to bask in our freedom.

But what is that freedom exactly? This is the third Seder of the pandemic. This year many of us are sitting down to the Seder amidst ongoing uncertainty, feelings of outrage and fear, and a deep, deep weariness. And yet, we have the freedom to tell our story, to re-create seder – order – even as the events continue to unfold. How do we bring love and hope into the room? What are the stories of liberation and joy that we need to share?

We have the freedom to decide.

Let’s begin…

haggadah Section: Introduction