The Concluding Poem

Chasal sidur Pesach kehil’chato,
K'chol mishpato chukato.
Ka'asher zahinu I'sadeir oto,
Ken niz'keh la'asoto.
Zach shochen m'onah,
Komeim k’hal adat mi manah.
B’kareiv naheil nifei chanah,

The Pesach Seder,in proper form, is done, Faithful to its laws and customs, one by one; As the privilege of observing it tonight we've won, May we be privileged again when a year is done. May the Pure One who dwells above inclineTo raise us up as numerous as the stars that shine,Guiding us, plantings of Your fruitful vine, Redeemed and singing into Zion's shrine!

Next Year in Jerusalem

L’shana haba’ah, l’shana haba’ah, l’shana haba’ah birushalyim!


haggadah Section: Nirtzah
Source: Jconnect Seattle's Liberal Seder