The traditional aspiration, “Next Year in Jerusalem,” is our people’s millennia-old hope for redemption. At AJWS, our yearning takes the form of hope and action for a more just world. Join us, this year, in helping achieve… Peace in societies torn by war Freedom from bigotry and oppression Equality for minorities shunned by prejudice and hatred Respect for the aspirations and humanity of women and girls Acceptance for people persecuted for who they are or whom they love Sustenance for communities living in hunger A safe harbor for refugees and survivors of violence And the promise of dignity and human rights for all. Together, with those around this Seder table and with our global family connected by our collective pursuit of justice, we pray: “Next year in a more just world.” And through our actions from this Passover to the next, let us make this dream a reality.

haggadah Section: Nirtzah