In every generation, we all should feel as though we ourselves had gone forth from Egypt. We end our Passover Seder by saying in unison:

May slavery give way to freedom.
May hate give way to love.
May ignorance give way to wisdom.
May despair give way to hope.
Next year, at this time, may everyone, everywhere, be free!

We are, each of us, working to meet challenges in our lives, but we are grateful to be here together for tonight’s seder. Wherever the next year takes us, we look forward to celebrating Pesach again, together with the friends and family—new and long beloved. (Contributed by Dinah Winnick)

לְשָׁנָה הַבָּאָה בִּירוּשָׁלָֽיִם

L’shana haba-ah biy’rushalayim


I want to make a good entrance. I never makes good entrances. Jerry: You have made some good exits. -  George Costanza.

haggadah Section: Nirtzah