Never Again? This Passover Share Thoughts on the War in Ukraine

The Mishnah tells us that in every generation a person must view themselves as though they personally left Egypt. This directive is especially important this year – when we’re seeing the largest number of refugees in Europe since World War II – refugees whose travels are narrated in such detail on social media and by journalists.

Moving Traditions invites you to explore the power of narratives this year by asking the following questions at your Seder, making sure that young people are part of the conversation:

  1. The phrase “never again” has recently appeared again and again across the internet, in connection with the war in Ukraine. What is happening in Ukraine is not the Holocaust as nothing can compare. But at a time when there will soon be no more Holocaust survivors and it will become the next generation’s responsibility to carry the narratives forward, what do you think never again means in practice?
  2. What stories about survival, escape, discrimination, or oppression do you feel it is your responsibility to tell? What stories do you see as your responsibility to pass down to the next generation? Why are these stories important?
  3. How, if at all, might social media affect the way we tell these stories? What stories, and also whose stories, do you choose to share (or reshare) on social media? How do you make these choices?

haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story