© 2001 Music and Lyrics by Noam Katz 

You’ve read the stories, you’ve sung the songs 
Did you know a little thing’s been missing all along? 
Midrash will tell you that seas don’t part on their own 
It takes the hand of God, plus a little help on the side 
Before Miriam danced with a timbrel in her hand
Before her brother Moses decided that he liked dry land
A brave Israelite went in the chilly water zone
To get a sign from God, or maybe just an inner tube… 

Chorus: Na na na Nachshon ben Ammi-na-dav (2x) 

Ben Ammi-na-dav
The critics thought he must be crazy or a sinner
His mother worried, he was only an Advanced Beginner
Into the Sea of Reeds, he knew that he was not alone
‘Cause God was there to show a path to the Promised Land…Na na na…

The water came up to his shoulders
Before him was the sea, and behind him Egyptian soldiers
The water came up to his chin
And with one last breath of air, Nachshon sputtered out this prayer:

Mi cha-mocha ba-eylim Adonai
Mi ka-mocha ne-edar ba-kodesh 
Nora t’hi-lot oseh feleh

No one is like You, God (3x)…

No, no!…No, no!…No, no!…Na na na Nachshon (chorus 2x)

haggadah Section: Songs
Source: https://www.jewishlearningmatters.com/AC-Nachshon-by-Noam-Katz-2866.aspx