In January of 1982 when my farther Harley was in his mid-twenties, he thought he had the career of his life as a merchant marine officer. This career required years of hard work to attain. In an instant, a fax from the main office at Gulf Oil to the captain said to escort the third mate off the ship; he is no longer working. As the captain gave Harley his final pay, he said "This is going to be good for you." From that moment on, not because the captain said it, but because he already believed it, Harley felt completely calm and at peace with the situation. He didn't know how, but he knew it would be ok. Truly believing was the key. He knew God was in charge and would take care of him. And God did take care of him. However, there was some consequences after he lost his job. My father had to go live at home again with his parents, which was unpleasant because he started fighting with his father about when he would be getting another job. He looked in the newspaper every day, but there was no jobs in in his field. In the end it wasn't long before my dad found his wife to be and a new business that would provide for him and his family. Together they would contribute to the health of many people by bringing fresh wheatgrass to juice bars all over New York City. This new business was definately my father's true calling. Many unlikely circumstances led to his new life. "Heaving faith in God is the key to finding your way" are my father's exact words. 

My dad's losing his job is both similar and different to the Jews' journey from slavery to freedom. One similarity is that the Egyptions gave the Jews valuables when they left Egypt, and my father received pay for an extra two months after losing his job as a third mate. A second similarity is that my dad got unemployment from the government and the Jews received manna and water from God. One last similarity is that the Jews started settling in a whole new land, Eretz Canaan, and my father started a brand new  business, Perfect Foods. However, unlike the Jews who suffered through slavery before they left Egypt, Harley enjoyed his new job before he left it. Also while the Jews wandered the desert for 40 years, Harley was only unemployed for a few months; he started Perfect Foods in Juneof 1982. One last difference is that the Jews were scared and they doubted God at times, such as when they build the golden calf, but my dad had faither in God the whole time. 

haggadah Section: Maggid - Beginning
Source: Eliana M.