We as Jews sometimes tend to focus on our struggles. It is important to recognize the challenges we face as a a people, both historically and in current day. The talking about and empathizing with suffering, we hope to improve our sense of community and empathy for others. AND if we get stuck focusing too much on our suffering, on our own ailments and afflictions, we risk missing out on the abundance of beauty and joy that all beings can enjoy in this world. It is with this framework in mind that we break from tradition. We have changed the timing of when we snack on the wonderful treats of Matzah and Charoset. Rather than waiting till well into the seder for sustenance, after guests have become hungry and -and perhaps a little "hangry"- we have decided to engage in this (delicious) bitter-sweet treat early in the seder. Thus enabling everyone to enjoy the songs, stories and laughter with well-balanced blood sugar running through their veins, and tummies that are feeling continuously satisfied.  But first, let us say a prayer or two!

haggadah Section: Introduction