Did you know that the first time you eat matzah on pesach is during Motzi Matzah? I found this very interesting because pesach is a very holy holiday and the first bite of matzah is such a big mitzvah. In the Jewish religion we say brachot for almost everything, from seeing a rainbow to eating food. Almost every time we say a blessing, it consists of just one. Therefore many have had the questions of why we say two brachot for matzah when we usually say one for bread? After research, I found that the first bracha is the normal one we always recite for any type of bread. Since it is a huge mitzvah to eat matzah on pesach, we say another blessing on the commandment to eat matzah on pesach. I also came up with an answer based on the best known quote from the Haggadah, “Why is this night different from all other nights”? Since this night is different than all other nights, we need to change the number of brachot to make it as unique as possible.  It is very important to understand the reason behind the things we do at the seder so that there is a greater meaning behind the mitzvot. You will also feel more spiritual if you know exactly what you are saying and why.

haggadah Section: Motzi-Matzah
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