As we sit here as free men and women, it is so easy for us to forget the hardships that our ancestors had to overcome for our freedom. The exodus from servile Egypt to liberated Israel is viewed as the most pivotal event in Jewish history. So why do we lean on Pesach?

It was the custom of ancient royalty to recline on the left for two reasons:

a) Food is normally held in the right hand. Leaning toward the left leaves the right hand free.

b) Leaning on the right is a choking hazard. It can prevent the epiglottis from covering the trachea, allowing food to enter and stop the flow of oxygen.

So as we sit here in the Hebrew year of 5775 in Eretz Hakodesh as a free nation,we act in the same manner as that of Kings. We are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to dwell and rejoice in the holy land, a dream many Jewish Kings were unable to fulfil. Make the most of it you Melachim!!

haggadah Section: Shulchan Oreich