There was a 24 hour long lockdown at the San Diego Jewish Academy. It was started when the teachers felt that every single student deserved to be disciplined. The students were locked in the gym, and the teachers planned to be keep them there during the entire school day going through the following morning. However, the principal was not involved in this decision making. He came into the gym and saw every single student sitting on the ground surrounded by all of the faculty members. He was absolutely shocked. He immediately called a mandatory staff meeting in the gym lobby. He explained to the teachers that they were not legally allowed to do what they were doing and that it was also morally wrong. The teachers refused to let the students leave the gym though. The principal stormed back into the gym and told the students to go back to class. The students got up to leave, but the teachers blocked all the exits. The principal then exclaimed, "You either let the students leave this gym or every single one of you will be fired." The teachers looked at each other and then let the gym. Apparently money is a bigger factor than principle.  

haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story