Today, we face a litany of threatening plagues, all more terrifying than the traditional plagues of the Passover story. Each has an obvious antidote, but enacting them will be the task of the generations. That effort is the lesson of the Seder: It is not enough to celebrate freedom, we must also work for it.

Today’s Plagues                                                           Plague Antidote

Greed Generosity                                                        Unilateralism Cooperation

Violence Peace                                                             Imposition of values Freedom

Exploitation                                                                   Respect

Bigotry and Hatred                                                       Love

Arrogance                                                                       Humility

Self-centeredness                                                          Generativity

Mean Spiritedness                                                          Kindness

Destruction of our habitat                                            Sustainable practices

haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues
Source: Schachter Family Haggadah