Modern Four Questions

                In my first meme, Grumpy Cat represents the wicked child. He does not include himself when asking the questions. Because of this, he is considered wicked and told he would not have been freed with the rest of the Jews. The second meme is the child who does not know how to ask a question. This derpy cat is unable to phrase what is in his mind, and we tell him that Adoni brought us out of Egypt without going into too much detail. Next, I used chemistry cat to represent the smart child. If his glasses and beakers aren’t demonstration enough of his intelligence, his reference to Boyle’s laws identify him as the smart child. He asks specific questions about our customs and laws. Lastly is the simple cat. The simple cat is happy with a simple tummy rub and Adoni freeing us. He does not ask for more and is easily satisfied. The cats in these pictures are common memes, used to tell jokes to the modern generation. Adding a thoughtful element, these cats convey a serious message through a medium which we are used to.

haggadah Section: Cover
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