Reader: Miriam’s Cup. Filled with water, it evokes the miracles of past and present. It compliments Elijah’s Cup, which is filled with wine to represent our hope for redemption.

Reader: A Midrash teaches us that a miraculous well accompanied the Children of Israel throughout their journey in the desert, providing them with water. This well was given by God to Miriam, the prophetess, to honor her bravery and devotion to the Jewish people. Both Miriam and her well were spiritual oases in the desert, sources of sustenance and healing. Her words of comfort gave the Children of Israel the faith and confidence to overcome the hardships of the Exodus.

Reader: We fill Miriam's cup with water to honor her role in ensuring the survival of the Jewish people. Like Miriam, Jewish women in all generations have been essential for the continuity of our people. As keepers of traditions in the home, women passed down songs and stories, rituals and recipes, from mother to daughter, from generation to generation.

Reader: When Miriam dies, the Children of Israel are immediately without water in the dessert. It is as if nature mourns along with the people.

Reader: Let us each fill the cup of Miriam with water from our own glasses, drawing from the strength and wisdom of our heritage.

As the cup is passed, we pool our resources, saying your Hebrew name. Some people use Miriam’s Cup as
an opportunity to pray for healing or to express gratitude for everyday blessings (like water!)

ALL: "You abound in blessings, God, creator of the universe, Who sustains us with living water. May we, like the children of Israel leaving Egypt, be guarded and nurtured and kept alive in the wilderness, and may You give us wisdom to understand that the journey itself holds the promise of redemption. AMEN." (Susan Schnur)

haggadah Section: Introduction