Participant: Miriam, sister of Moses, plays an important role in the Exodus story. It is said that a well followed the Jews as they wandered through the desert until the time of Miriam's death, a gift from God for her optimism. We fill Miriam's Cup with water from our own glasses to honor the contributions of women in the Torah.


"Zot Kos Miryam, kos mayim hayim. Zeikher l'yitziat Mitztrayim.

This is the Cup of Miriam, the cup of living waters. Let us remember the Exodus from Egypt. These are the living waters, God's gift to Miriam, which gave new life to Israel as we struggled with ourselves in the wilderness. Blessed are You God, Who brings us from the narrows into the wilderness, sustains us with endless possibilities, and enables us to reach a new place."

haggadah Section: Hallel