Song of Miriam

By Rabbi Ruth Sohn

I, Miriam, stand at the sea and turn to face the desert stretching endless and still.
My eyes are dazzled —
the sky brilliant blue, sunburst sands unyielding white.
My hands turn to dove wings.
My arms reach for the sky and I want to sing the song rising inside me.
My mouth open, I stop.
Where are the words?
Where the melody?
In a moment of panic my eyes go blind.
Can I take a step without knowing a destination?
Will I falter? Will I fall? Will the ground sink away from under me?
The song still unformed — How can I sing?
To take the first step — to sing a new song —
to close one’s eyes and dive into unknown waters.
For a moment knowing nothing, risking all —
But then to discover the waters are friendly.
The ground is firm and the song rises again.
Out of my mouth come words lifting the wind,
and I hear for the first time the song that has been in my heart,
silent, unknown, even to me.

haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story