1.      God, have You forgotten me? I have forgotten how to breathe. The air here is tight around me Each day presses in and tomorrow feels impossibly far away I long to feel Your wide, wide love To feel hard earth beneath my cracked feet, shade on my bent back, cool mist on my sun-scorched skin I long to hear sweet words For respite from the sting that forces me into this pit and keeps me here Day after day God, though my voice is barely a broken whisper, I am calling out In remembering You Please remember me Remember my family And our ancestors Bring us home to You Turn us back toward Your embrace And fold us in We have been lost so long And now, we are ready Find us Remember us At night we sing a secret song of breath and cooling shadows By day we squint our eyes and hope that when we open them You will be here, a hand on our brow A breath of wind at our backs We sing to You Please Hear our song Please Come and bring us home.
haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story
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