LEADER: This year, we are surely thinking not only of the plagues of long ago. Indeed, in a very real sense, we are living through our own plague, COVID-19. 

PARTICIPANT:  Day-by-day, this plague is diminishing our sense of joy as it sweeps across the face of our planet, leaving no nation, no people, untouched. Our cups of joy are drained every day as we hear the ever-higher numbers of those afflicted and of the lives lost in this 21st-century plague.

PARTICIPANT: Like all challenges, our situation tests us, even as the plagues of long ago were a test of wills between Pharaoh and the God of Israel.

LEADER: In honor of those that have been impacted by the coronavirus and anyone who is in need of healing. Hold in your minds and hearts the names of those people in your lives who are in need of healing. Those we know and those we don’t.


Mi shebeirach avoteinu, M'kor hab'racha l'imoteinu

May the source of strength, Who blessed the ones before us, Help us find the courage to make our lives a blessing.

Mi shebeirach imoteinu, M'kor habrachah l'avoteinu

Bless those in need of healing with  r'fuah sh'leimah, The renewal of body, the renewal of spirit, And let us say, Amen

haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues