This is the Matzah of Hope. We are brothers and sisters in memory. We are brothers and sisters in sorrow. But most of all, we are brothers and sisters in hope. Wherever a Jew is still oppressed, wherever a Black is still put down, wherever we are cut off from our past, forbidden our future, there are our hearts, there is our hope. For let there be no doubt: As the waters of the sea once parted for our ancestors, so will they part, speedily and in our time, in cities in America where people are denied their civil rights, and in all places in the world overtaken by terror and tyranny.

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr said:

These deprivations are part of a person's emotional and intellectual life. They determine whether he is fulfilled as a human being...When you are written out of history as a people, when you are given no choice but to accept the "majority" culture, you are denied an aspect of your own identity...We must affirm that every human life is a reflex of divinity, and every act of injustice mars and defaces the image of God in man.

haggadah Section: Yachatz
Source: CommonRoad