Ahh, Maror my favorite part of the seder or maybe it's Korech. Anyways there are some questions that bother me about Maror.  Using different kind of Haggadot I am able to come up with these reasons. One question is, Why does Maror taste really bitter?

The first answer is from the Roshei Yeshivah Haggadah. The reason why the Maror is so bitter is because we were slaves in Egypt. Everything was bitter as slaves. Hashem wants us to remember the bitterness of the days when we were slaves in Egypt.

The second answer is from the Chazon L'Yomim Haggadah. Their reason why Maror is so bitter is because Maror was an accessory of the korban pesach. Now that we don’t have the Korban anymore Maror is bitter.

The third reason is from the Sephardic Heritage Haggadah, it says the bitterness makes us reflect on the bitter parts of our lives and makes us connect to God. It shows the connection because when we are in a bitter part of our life hashem is helping us get out of our troubles.  Maror helps us remember the past of what the Jews went through to say that you are not the only one who is bitter and has troubles. Like Bnei Yisrael, your troubles will get better with faith in Hashem.

           They answers that I came up with our very similar.A They are similar because they all tell us why we should eat maror even if it's bitter. They all connect it to something different; one was in Egypt, one was in the desert, one was in modern times.  


         The lesson we can learn from this devar torah is things may be bitter but sometimes it means life is good. We can learn these lessons from Answer 3 and 1.

haggadah Section: Maror