Even with all of the plagues and the Hebrews fighting back, Pharaoah did not want to release the Jews from slavery. He would not admit defeat. Only after Pharoah’s first born son died, poisoned by a Jewish palace slave, did he decide he no longer could keep on fighting against the Hebrews – he told them to go.

The Jews gathered quickly and left the cities they had built for the Egyptian Pharaohs. The Pharoah, however, changed his mind again and ordered his army to recapture the Jews. The Jews had made it all the way to the shore of the Red Sea when they turned and saw the army approaching. Some Hebrews were scared and blamed Moshe and Miriam for getting them into this trouble. Others chose to take their chances and walk into the sea. Only then, when the first few Hebrews went into the water taking a chance on what would happen, did the waters divide so that they could ALL cross safely.

When they got to the Red Sea, they were afraid to step in, but finally one brave person named Nachshon put a foot in the water and the sea opened up and let the Israelites cross on dry land. When they got to the other side Miriam led the people in song and dance.


haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story
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