As the Hebrews were preparing to leave Mitrayim/Egypt, Moshe returned to fight for the Hebrews to be treated fairly. Moshe tried to talk to Pharoah saying “Let my people go!”. When Pharoah heard what Moshe had to say, his heart would soften and he would agree to free the Israelites but then Pharoah would re-consider when he remembered how many workers he would lose.


Soon the Hebrew slaves began to fight back, terrible plagues happened to the Egyptians. Pharoah watched as his world came crashing down around him. Frogs and locusts swarmed over the land, boils and lice covered the skin of the Egyptians. All the people of Egypt suffered because their rulers were stubborn and refused to see that Hebrews should live freely.

haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story
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