When Pharoah demanded that Shifrah and Pu’ah explain why there were still so many healthy babies, they told him that Hebrew women were like animals, and that they gave birth too quickly, before the midwives could arrive.


A woman named Jocheved gave birth to a son, Moshe. The child was quiet, and she decided to keep him hidden in the Nile river for three months to make sure he was safe. His sister, Miriam, often stood nearby watching over him. One day the Pharoah’s daughter, Thermutis, found the baby and pulled him from his hiding place. Knowing full well that this was a Hebrew baby, she wanted to save him so she decided to take him to the palace to raise him. Miriam spoke to Thermutis and they agreed that Jocheved could come along to feed and care for Moshe, thus keeping the baby and mother together.

haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story
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