We now begin the part of the Seder where we tell the story of our Exodus.

Pour the second glass of wine for everyone. You will need a full glass of wine for this next part.

The central imperative of the Seder is to tell the story. We are instructed: “ You shall tell your child on that day, saying: ‘This is because of what Adonai did for me when I came out of Egypt.' ” (Exodus 13:8) We relate the story of our ancestors to regain the memories as our own. Elie Weisel writes: "G-d created man because He loves stories. We each have a story to tell — a story of enslavement, struggle, liberation. Be sure to tell your story at the Seder table, for the Passover is offered not as a one-time event, but as a model for human experience in all generations."

haggadah Section: Maggid - Beginning