The Story of ________________ (Based on Passover Mad Libs by Lori Freedman)

Religious holiday [A] *****ASK FOR WORDS IN A RANDOM ORDER *****

About ________ years ago, the Jewish people, called Hebrews, lived in the land of


__________________. At first everything was fine and the Hebrews could _____________

place [B] list of fun activities


(more fun activities)

and pray to their God as they pleased. But soon a new Pharaoh came into power and he was

very ______________. He forced the Hebrews to __________________________________

extreme emotion list of activities that are not fun

______________________________________________. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he also

said that every baby boy born to a Hebrew mother was to be hurled into the _________________.

name of river

One day around this time a Hebrew baby boy was born. His name was ______________________.

famous man [C]

His mother did not want him to die, so she put him in a _____________________________ and set

type of container

him to float in the ______________________. His sister, ______________________ hid behind a

name of river famous woman [D]

_________________ to see who would find him. Soon a princess named ___________________

plant used for landscaping famous woman [E]

found him and decided to keep him. ____________________ went up to ___________________

famous woman from [D] famous woman from [E]

and said “I know just the right person to take care of this baby,” and she went to get her mother,

__________________. And so it came to be that _____________________ raised ____________

famous woman [F] famous woman from [F] famous man from [C]

___________ in the palace of the Pharaoh. When _______________ grew up, he saw that his

famous man from [C]

people suffered and this made him very _______________. When he was standing by a well

extreme emotion

one day tending to some __________________, he was visited by God. “Go to Pharaoh,” said God,

animal (plural)

and tell him “_______________________________________________________________.”

expression [G]

haggadah Section: Rachtzah