Jewish holidays begin at sunset with candle lighting. 

As darkness fills the evening sky, burning candles

spark brightness inside.  The candles’ warm light

stands for hope and freedom.  On the first night of

Passover, an extra blessing is added to remember

how special it is to celebrate a seder for the first

time in a year—or even for the first time ever.

Baruch ata Adonai, Eloheinu Melech ha’olam,

asher kideshanu bemitzvotav vetzivanu lehadlik

ner shel (Shabbat veshel) yom tov.

Dear God, Creator of our world, thank You for giving

us rules that make our lives special and for teaching

us to light these holiday candles.

--From “In Every Generation”

A PJ Library Family Haggadah

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: PJ Library