Why do we dip our food in salt water two times on this night? The first time, the salty taste reminds us of the tears we cried when we were slaves.

As we start the Seder this year, there may be things we are sad about. Dipping the parsley in salt water can help us see those tears and release them because we are doing something with our feelings. As we dip, let's say out loud, is there anything you are sad about that you want to name and translate with the salt water?


Great - so we had tears as slaves, and tears now, and we remember them. But we've still only answered half the question! The second time we dip, the salt water and the green can help us to remember the ocean and green plants and the Earth, from which we get the water and air and food that enable us to live.

As we move further into the Seder and dip our parsley for the second time, what do the water and greens help you remember that gives us sustenance and hope?


haggadah Section: Karpas
Source: Original