The pyramids glow on the sand tonight
No Egyptian to be seen
The Pharaoh is probably in bed
And so is the Queen

The sandstorm’s whipping up everything in sight
God told Moshe you have to fight

Don’t let Pharaoh in, don’t let him see
Be the good mentsch you always have to be
Conceal him, don’t feel, don’t let Pharaoh know
Well now he knows

Let them go, let them go
Can’t keep them here anymore
Let them go, let them go
Kick Pharaoh out the door

Let them be, they should be free
Let God stretch out His hand,
And take them out of Egypt land.

It’s funny how the sea split apart as Pharaoh let them go,
And the misery that once controlled them can’t get to them at all

It’s time to see what they can do to test their limits and break through
No right no wrong no misery, they’re free

Let us go, let us go
They are free like the wind and sky
Let them go, let them go,
And they will never ever cry

Here they stand
But there they’ll stay
Let God stretch out His hand,

God’s power flurries through the air into the ground
God’s plagues are flowing through Egypt all around
And one could think God is as strong as an icy blast
They’re never going back, the past is in the past

Let them go, let them go,
They’ll be gone by the break of dawn
Let them go, let them go,
The Israelites are gone

Here they stand
As they depart the land
Let God stretch out His hand
As they depart from Egypt land.

haggadah Section: Introduction