Group: We now prepare to build the Hillel sandwich, combining the bitter maror with the sweet charoset.

With the bitterness of the maror still stinging our tongues and the knowledge that fear of “the other” continues to displace people still stinging our hearts, we take comfort in knowing that there can be an antidote to that hatred. It is up to each of us to temper the hatred that still plagues our world by joining together and saying “Dayeinu” – it is, now, enough.

Combine maror and charoset between two pieces of matzah and recite the following as a group:

Zeicher l’mikdash k’Hillel. Kein asah Hillel biz’man shebeit hamikdash hayah kayam. Hayah koreich matzah umaror v’ochel b’yachad, l’kayeim mah shene-emar: Al matzot um’rorim yochluhu.

In memory of the Temple, according to Hillel. This is what Hillel would do when the Temple still existed: he would combine matzah and maror and eat them together, in order to fulfill the teaching, “with matzot and maror they shall eat [the Passover sacrifice]” (Numbers 9:11).

After you make the Hillel sandwich, discuss together:

Over the next year, what will you do to temper the bitterness of xenophobia, as well as anti-refugee and anti-Muslim hate?

haggadah Section: Koreich