Korech SSLI 2


Break off two pieces from the bottom matzah.

We do the Korech step so we can fulfill our obligation of Matzah and Marror according to all sides in a dispute regarding the performance of the Mitzvot at the time when we had the Holy Temple

Take the bitter herb and place it in between those two pieces.

Dip the bitter herb in the charoset.

Say the words: “This is what Hillel did, at the time that the Temple stood. He wrapped up some Pesach lamb, some matzah and some bitter herbs and ate them together.”

Alex: My family eats the matzah with the charoset as a sandwich. I don’t think it’s that good so I only have a small bite.

Hannah: I think the sandwhich has a spicy and bitter taste and should be consumed in small quantities.

Do you know why we do the korech step on Passover?

haggadah Section: Cover
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