The root of the jewish food obsession comes down from way back.

Eating a sandwich of matzah and bitter herb |  koreich  | כּוֹרֵךְ

When the Temple stood in Jerusalem, the biggest ritual of them all was eating the lamb offered as the Passover sacrifice. The great sage Hillel would put the meat in a sandwich made of matzah, along with some of the bitter herbs. While we do not make sacrifices any more – and, in fact, some Jews have a custom of purposely avoiding lamb during the seder so that it is not mistaken as a sacrifice – we honor this custom by eating a sandwich of the remaining matzah and bitter herbs. Some people will also include charoset in the sandwich to remind us that God’s kindness helped relieve the bitterness of slavery.

This is pure food obsession... visit the new temple in your leisure time it's on Houston street and it's called Russ and Daughters... For real though I have no idea why this is in every Haggadah and the only explanation that makes sense to me is that all semites love food and talk about it all the time. 


haggadah Section: Koreich