Pharaoh declared that every male Jewish baby should be thrown into the Nile. 

According to the Midrash, the despairing Jews in Egypt wanted to quit having children. Why bring a child into this world if his fate would be so tragic and heartbreaking? They had lost hope in the future, and expressed this through choosing barrenness. 

In contrast, our Seder is totally focused on children. We get "naches" when our little ones sing "ma nishtana"; and who doesn't think immediately of the four sons when thinking about the Seder? 

When I ask people: "What gives you hope?" the most common answer I receive is - my kids. Hardships wear us down, but our kids come along to spark and resuscitate our optimism. 

Teaching our children the story of Pesach is our declaration of hope in the future. 

Activity for Seder: 

Where is the kid in you? 

What part of you still has a child's unbridled optimism? 

haggadah Section: Cover
Source: ayeka