I know a place, 

Where the karpas is really greener, 

Wheat,spelt orrye, 

Becomes leavened with water!

Sipping Kedem grape juice, 

Leaning on my seder pillows! 

The sons - wise, bad n’ mute, 

try'na snag the afikomen!

You could travel the world, 

But nothin' comes close, 

To that final fourth Kose! 

Once you seder with u-us, you'll be eating gebructs! 

Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh!

Kadish Urchatz - we're unforgettable, 

Karpas, Yachatz – Passover Shnapps! 

Bitter Herbs, 

So hot - it’ll melt your popsicle!

Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh!

4 questions, we're undeniable, 

Fine, fresh, fierce, 

Horseraddish shell shock! 

Passover represent, now put your Hagadah up!

Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh!

haggadah Section: Songs
Source: www.bangitout.com