Is there really any reason for a sprig of parsley to be on the Seder Table? What is the connection between karpas and the Jewish People leaving Egypt? 

Winter, with its bleak landscape and cold, short days, can lead to gloom and despondency. 

In contrast, spring breeds hope. Seeds that have been frozen in the earth haven't died, and in the spring they re-awaken. Even when all is cold and dark, the indomitable force of spring and life works beneath the surface, and eventually brings new leaves out of the soil to the light of day. The first growth of spring, the first green stem to rise up, gives us hope in the stubborn and invincible force of life. 

We begin the Seder by eating the karpas , a fresh green sprig. With it, we ingest the resolute force of new life. Its color, smell, and taste, remind us of the tough power of life within. We are eating the hope of nature itself. 

Activity for Seder: 

What aspect of the natural world gives you hope? What is the most 'hopeful' place you have ever been? 

haggadah Section: Karpas
Source: ayeka