Dipping Parsley

We dip the karpas in the salt water.

Nobody is really sure why. Some say it is like the hyssop used to spread blood on the doorposts. Some have explained the dipping of the Karpas to symbolize Joseph's tunic being dipped into blood by his brothers. Karpas is therefore done at the beginning of the seder, just as Joseph's tunic being dipped into blood began the Israelites' descent to Egypt. Indeed, the Greek word 'karpos' is very similar to the Hebrew word 'karpas' meaning fine linen.

Baruch ata adonai ehlohaynoo melech ha'olam,
Boray pree ha'adamah.

Blessed are you, LORD our God, king of the universe, who creates the fruit of the Earth

(Eat the karpas)

haggadah Section: Karpas