The Haggadah and the story of Passover is about God fulfilling his promise to Abraham and maintaining the Jewish people's status as the chosen people and delivering them forth from Egypt, even after the cruel genocidal practices of the Pharaoh. History has a way of repeating itself, even though many Jews have come to believe that the Holocaust has broken that promise irrevocably and justify atheism through the religious lens of the broken covenant. Either way, if you are not particularly interested in viewing bondage as an issue of whether it is permitted by God, I would instead suggest that you think of God here as a placeholder for "natural law" or (in Hegelian terms) "the spirit of freedom" or "the cunning of reason." Indeed, we can think of mankind's historical (and hopefully natural) tendency toward freedom and human rights. Thus, this baseline is what promises to bring forth oppressed peoples from bondage.

haggadah Section: Kadesh
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