Leader: On this night of remembrance, we look at how God delivered us from oppression. We were once slaves in Egypt and God heard us and saved us from our enslavement. Just as God freed us in Egypt, so too can He free us now from the many chains that bond us. Let us be free from the oppressions of this world, and fight the stigmas of what it means to be beautiful. Let us learn how the Exodus story applies to our lives today.

(Raise the cup of wine)

Group: Baruch atah Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha-olam, borei p'ri hagafen.

Group: Praised are you, Adonai, our God, sovereign of the universe, who has created the

fruit of the vine.

Praised art Thou, Lord God, King of the Universe: who chose us from all peoples, and exalted us above all tongues, and hallowed us by Thy commandments. Thou didst give us, Lord God, in Thy love, anniversaries for rejoicing, festivals and seasons for happiness: this feast of Passover, the anniversary of our freedom, in love, a holy convocation, as a memorial of our departure from Egypt. For us didst thou choose, and us didst Thou hallow of all peoples: and Thou gavest us as heritage Thy holy seasons in love and in favor, in joy and in gladness. Praised art Thou, Lord Hallower of the Sabbath and Israel and the festive seasons.

Praised art Thou, Lord God, King of the Universe, who didst preserve us and sustain us and enable us to reach this season.

 (Drink the first cup of wine)

haggadah Section: Introduction