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The leader of the Seder makes kiddush, the blessing on the wine. 

L'kadesh means to sanctify, or to make holy. Holy means something is special and connected to God. We make Kiddush, a blessing on wine, to show that this is a special day, and that the Jewish people are a special nation. Wine is used because it is something special, not ordinary like soda or juice. It also can make people happy. 

We each fill each other's cups as if we were being served - this is to say how important each person at the Seder is. You can help pour too! 

Everyone, even children, should drink 4 cups of wine (or grape juice) at the Seder. After Kiddush, everyone drinks the first cup while leaning to the left. 

Why do we lean while we drink? That looks silly! 

In the olden days, in the time of the Romans, wealthy people used to eat while lying on couches. At the Seder, when we are celebrating our freedom from slavery, we lean to symbolize our status as free men and women (and children)!

haggadah Section: Commentary / Readings
Source: Open Source Haggadah