It’s been a crazy week. The world with all its worries and bothers is still begging for your attention. The first step is to forget all that. Leave it behind. Enter into a timeless space, where you, your great-grandparents and Moses all come together.

Begin with a full cup of sweet red wine. A full cup of hundreds of generations of rejoicing and tears and celebration and wisdom and… of doing just what you are going to do tonight.

Fill cup with wine. That’s cup #1.

Have someone else fill your cup. Return them the favour. This way, we are all like royalty.

Everyone stands and says the kiddush together.

The rest of the year, when we say Kiddish on Shabbat or a festival, one person says kiddush for everyone else. Tonight, each man, woman and child recite every word together.

Drink. And get ready for some serious relaxing: Recline on a cushion to your left side.

haggadah Section: Kadesh